The Start of a New Journey...

Life is really weird....sometimes you plan something for so long, but it never comes to fruition. This was the case with my site - it has been a thought of mine for a long time, but for some reason I always stopped myself prior to starting. I've finally decided that now is the right time. So here it goes....I welcome you all to my blog and invite you to be a part of my culinary and life journey. Feel free to drop by, read, and offer your comments and share your own experiences to add a richness to all our lives. I will be sharing my travels, kitchen experiences, and things I am learning everyday inside and outside the walls of my house.

In this first entry, I would like to stress upon the role of spices in regards to healthy living. Food is a very strong part of all our lives. What we use to add flavor to our dishes is just as important as what is being cooked. Coming from India, spices have always been a part of my life - be it for culinary purposes in my mom's kitchen, or as health remedy concoctions for common colds/sniffles/bruises from school sports. To this day, when my boys are down with a cold, I offer them "adrak" (ginger) chai. Oftentimes, to counteract their all too often candy binges, I instruct the boys to pop a few fenugreek seeds to negate the amount of sugar in their bodies!

My recipes reflect a careful understanding of the use of spices in everyday cooking. As you join me on this journey, I hope that you too, will come to learn and appreciate a little spice in your life!